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2011 Honda Big Red 700 MUV Drive Test Review

2011 Honda Big Red 700 4x4 MUV Drive Test Review
Honda's 2013 Big Red 700 Work Horse Multi-Use Vechicle

2011 Honda Big Red 700 MUV / SxS Links
2011 Honda Big Red MUV SxS / UTV
2011 Honda Big Red 700 MUV

Bakersfield, CA - While many side-by-sides are built for recreation and performance, the Honda Big Red is marketed as a Multi-Use Vehicle. Honda is known or their reliability and quality machines which makes the Honda Big Red ideal for farm and construction work.

We recently had the opportunity to test out the Honda Big Red and found it to be quite the work horse. It is definitely a purpose built MUV and has many features that are well-suited for work, and ease of use, that is sure to please on any job site.

One of Honda’s main focuses with the Big Red was safety, which is very apparent in the wider stance. The width of the Big Red is 64 inches, giving it an advantage of about 8 inches over its competitor’s similar models. The wide stance makes for an incredibly stable feel, even when cornering and going over obstacles.

2011 Honda Big Red MUV SxS / UTV
The 2011 Honda Big Red 700 MUV is a home on the work site or farm, but it can also be a fun SxS / UTV to take on the trails

2011 Honda Big Red MUV
The Honda Big Red 700 MUV features 7.1 inches of travel & 10.3 inches of ground clearance
The independent rear suspension of the Big Red offers 7.1 inches of travel, which isn’t a lot when compared to sport UTV models, but is more than adequate when it comes to a working type of environment. The shocks are pre-load adjustable for better handling of big loads. We took our test model out for a spin on some trails as well just to see how it performed and it did quite well going over rocks and other small obstacles. We were impressed by how sturdy the machine felt.

Big Red incorporates an automotive-style transmission. This system features a hydraulic torque converter, three hydraulic clutches and an ECM to automatically select one of three forward gears or, as you choose, reverse, for a familiar driving experience.

2011 Honda Big Red MUV
2011 Honda Big Red MUV
The Honda Big Red 700 MUV has easy to use automotive style gear lever & a lever to switch from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive. There is also a parking brake lever located between the bench seat

The Big Red has three drive modes: 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with all-wheel differential lock. During routine driving, the 2WD worked great, but for any off-road or obstacle clearing duties, we would highly recommend using 4WD.

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