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2016 Terracross Championship
Round Five
October 2, 2016
Jacksonville, North Carolina
Terracross Championship Racing

Jason Luburgh Clinches 2016 Terracross Championship
Camp Lejeune Terracross Championship Season Finale Report

Jacksonville, NC (10/5/2016) – GBC’s Jason Luburgh was not only consistent in 2016, but he won three out of five Pro RZR XP1000 Class races this year to clinch his third straight Terracross Championship. Luburgh sealed the deal with a victory in the final round held near Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Mystik Lubricant’s Mickey Thomas finished second in points, ahead of Open Trail’s Matthew Hancock, Ray Bulloch and Andy Ives rounded out the top five in the Terracross Championship Pro RZR point standings.
Terracross Championship Polaris RZR Racing

2016 Terracross championship Pro Polaris RZR Points
Mickey Thomas (2nd), Jason Luburgh (1st), Matt Hancock (3rd)

The final Terracross Championship race weekend was extended to three races after series organizers were forced cancel the final doubleheader round at Camp RZR in Glamis, CA due to permit issues. The first race was set by heats; the second with an invert from the heat finishes; and the final race was set by points.

Jason Luburugh Terracross Championship Polaris RZR Racing

GBC's Jason Luburgh grabbed the Pro RZR Holeshot in the final heat &lead from start to finish to secure the Terracross Pro Championship

As is typical with Terracross, the event took its toll on man and machine. Luburgh, who helped build the track, had to contend with heavy rain leading into the event. Mud and rough conditions on Saturday followed by sun on Sunday allowed for an interesting, albeit challenging event. The track had a whoops section, big double, and a rhythm section that many racers were tripling into. As always, the track featured the Mystik Mangler section that further challenged the field.

Jason Luburugh Terracross Championship Polaris RZR Racing

While Jason Luburgh only secured one win the past two years, he claimed three wins in 2016 to clinch the Championship

In the end it didn’t matter to Luburgh, who won the Terracross Championship title by 20 points in the final tally. “My confidence level has changed this year,” said Luburgh. “I found that fine line between breaking the RZR and winning. I’m finally comfortable. It turned out really well today considering what we had going on. I pulled the holeshot and just won. It was nice to start out front. The track came round really well. Yesterday, we skimmed the mud off between motos. It really turned out really nice.

Jason Luburugh Terracross Championship Polaris RZR Racing

Jason Luburgh also finished 2nd in the Shoot Out Class even after missing one round

“The odds were definitely not in my favor to win three in a row,” added Luburgh. “It was nice to end it on a good note and I’m pumped.”

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