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Blue Water Challenge
October 8-9, 2016

Best in the Desert Racing - BITD Series

BITD Blue Water Challenge ATV Race Report
Hancock Brothers' Take Win, Scott & Mitchell Clinch Championship

Bluewater Desert Challenge
Parker, AZ (10/9/2016) - The torch has been passed. Best in the Desert ATV Champions, Matthew and Jeff Hancock, finished their last-ever ATV race in the BITD series with a dominating victory at the Bluewater Desert Challenge. The pair ran away with the race, ahead of UXC Racing’s Don Higbee and Kevin Trantham. With a third-place finish, David Scott and Cody Mitchell clinched the 2016 Best in the Desert Pro ATV championship in the four-round series.

The two-day race was held in the desert surrounding the Bluewater Resort and Casino in Parker, Arizona. Both races featured a four-lap format. Saturday’s race was fast in the mid-90s heat with a fairly smooth and fast track, but by Sunday, it was a different story with rough conditions and higher heat challenging the competitors.

Matthew Hancock - BITD
This was the first time that ATV racers competed at the 2 Day BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge with racers running 4 laps in a Grand Prix Style Finish over the 25 mile long course on Saturday & Sunday. With the early morning start at 7:45AM, it was the second race of the morning

For the 2015 BITD Pro ATV Champions, the conditions didn’t seem to matter as the Hancock Brothers had a strong race from start to finish on both days. “We had a solid run, with no issues and Matthew did great,” said Jeff Hancock who started the race on both days. “We have to give up our number one plate, and I wanted to do it because it would be our last race with that plate. It also felt good to give it up to CT Racing because they have an amazing crew.”

Matthew Hancock - BITD
Pro Motorsport's Matthew & Jeff Hancock finished out their BITD Pro ATV Career with the Win at the Blue Water Desert Challenge

Matthew Hancock, fresh off finishing third in the Terracross Pro UTV Championship, was happy to finish off his BITD ATV career with a big win. They weren’t in contention for the championship after missing the Vegas to Reno, but wanted to end their ATV career with a victory.

Matthew Hancock - BITD
Pro Motorsports' Q1 Matthew Hancock

“This is my kind of racing,” said Matthew Hancock. “I wanted to do 10 more laps out there. I was at home and loving life. It was really sandy and fast on Saturday. Sunday it was rougher, and I like that a lot more. I congratulate David Scott and Cody Mitchell on the championship. They’re getting our number one plate, and they earned it this year. We won the first and last race of the season, and we secured the overall win by more than 10 minutes.”

Jeff Hancock - BITD Racing
Pro Motorsports' Q1 Jeff Hancock

The Hancock brothers grew up just an hour away from the race venue. Their father, Larry, attended the race to see his sons dominate the field.

“They did well this year,” said Larry Hancock. “They won two of the three races they competed in. If you have go out, that’s the way to go. I’m looking forward to them focusing more on UTVs. It’s a lot safer.”

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