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Bomb Squad Racing ATV
Bomb Squad Racing's SCORE Baja 500 ATV Race Video
Bomb Squad Racing Places Second at 2013 SCORE Baja 500

Los Angeles, CA (9/18/2013) - The Bomb Squad ATV Race team of Wes Miller, Dofo Arellano, and Jeremy Gray recently placed second in the Pro ATV Class aboard their 9A Honda 450R ATV at the SCORE Baja 500.

The team is currently tied for first place in Class 25 heading to the Baja 1000 that will take place November 14-17.

Below is a short highlight video of the Bomb Squad Race team at the grueling SCORE Baja 500 ATV Race.

Bomb Squad Racing Baja 500 ATV Race Video

About The Bomb Squad:
The Bomb Squad was formed in 2000 by H-Bomb Films creator, Wes Miller. This freestyle team is comprised of the top riders in the world. The Bomb Squad launched the sport of ATV freestyle and has consistently pushed the limits. From the first superman, to first back flip, to first back flip superman, Bomb Squad riders have always led the way. The team has branched out and currently includes ATV freestyle, ATV racers, off-road racers and snowmobile freestyle. Members have won such prestigious events as the Baja 1000, TORC events, the SCORE Class 25 Championship, and the CORR Pro Lite Championship.

bomb Squad Racing - ATV
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