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Suzuki ATV Model Info

Suzuki ATV Model Manufacturer Logo

Suzuki's 2008 Sport & Utility ATV Lineup

  • The LT-R450 is styled with a low and wide profile to further emphasize the lightweight performance intent of the machine

  • One ride on a QuadSport Z400 and you'll understand what heart-pounding performance is all about. The QuadSport Z400 is engineered to be the best all-around sport machine for any terrain - from woods to sand to the track.

  • Check out the QuadSport Z250's Z400-inspired graphics, radical fenders and aggressive stance. It shouts sport performance - and has the power to make good on the promise.

  • Experience the exhilarating 2008 QuadSport® Z90. The QuadSport Z90 is designed for adult-supervised riders age 12 and older, and includes many safety features, such as simple screw-type throttle limiter.

  • With the QuadSport LT-Z50, there's another great way to get the whole family involved in the off-road fun. With a smooth and torquey four-stroke engine, it offers performance that's ideal for beginning riders just developing their skills.

Suzuki's 2008 Utility ATV Lineup

  • For 2008 Suzuki takes that award-winning concept and makes it stronger, and faster, and an even better overall utility-quad package. Introducing the 2008 Suzuki KingQuad 750 AXi 4x4.

  • With the award-winning features of the KingQuad 750, now you can get all the features of Suzuki's flagship ATV, but in a package that offers the best value in its class.

  • The new KingQuad 400 ATVs replace the award-winning Eiger ATV's, a significant group of Suzuki quads that earned critical praise from ATV media year after year.

  • The Ozark 250 has gotten rave reviews by ATV magazine editors. In fact, the only ones more enthusiastic about the Ozark are owners themselves. And for good reason. It has the largest engine in its class with a broad powerband and a load of midrange torque.

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