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Kawasaki ATV Models

2010 Kawasaki Utility ATV Models

Kawasaki ATV UTV Motorcycles

2010 Kawasaki Utility ATV Model Lineup Information

Kawasaki KFX700 ATV
The leader of Kawasaki’s V-twin powered, sport-utility all-terrain vehicle (ATV) pack, the Brute Force® 750 4x4i retains its top status for 2009 by mating a hard-charging digital fuel injected V-twin engine to the plush ride supplied by its competent front and rear fully independent suspension and superb four-wheel drive system.

Kawasaki KFX700 ATV
The officially licensed Kawasaki Brute Force® 750 4x4i NRA OUTDOORS™ special edition features the Advantage® MAX-I™ HD™ camouflage pattern to keep outdoorsmen off their prey’s radar.

Sunbeam Red Brute Force 650 4x4i Utility ATV

The middleweight choice in Kawasaki’s V-twin powered sport-utility all-terrain vehicle (ATV) family, the Brute Force® 650 4x4i offers refined power and handling. It combines a plush ride courtesy of its competent front and rear independent suspension with a superb four-wheel drive system and a durable and powerful 633cc V-twin engine to deliver a knock-out blow to its challengers.

When shopping for a nice mid-sized all-terrain vehicle (ATV), it’s easy to find choices with a reasonable purchase price, single-cylinder engine and four-wheel drive. However, ATV shoppers have a better option; the Kawasaki Brute Force® 650 4x4, the stand-out performer in this class.

Kawasaki Bayou 250 Woodsman Green ATV
Whether it’s tasked with play or work, it’s a sure thing the tough and economical Kawasaki’s Bayou® 250 ATV will excel at the job. Its long-lasting, electric-start four-stroke engine, five-speed transmission and steel cargo racks make the Bayou 250 synonymous with four wheel value.

Red 2009 Prairie 360 4x4 ATV
The Prairie® 360 4x4 uses an advanced four-wheel-drive system to increase the versatility and fun factor of the baseline Prairie 360 platform. This combination gives farmers, ranchers and recreational users a practical ATV that’s ready to get dirty, haul heavy loads, or explore challenging terrain.

Red 2009 Prairie 360 ATV 2010 Kawasaki Prairie 360 Utility ATV

A dependable two-wheel drive, mid-size utility with great towing capacity that is both fun and efficient to operate? That would be the Prairie® 360 ATV. With its disc brakes, shaft drive and CVT transmission, the Prairie 360 is certainly easy to afford, yet offers premium features and class leading function.

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