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Arctic Cat

2015 Arctic Cat Sport ATV Models
Arctic Cat XC 450 & Arctic Cat DCX 300

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2015 Arctic Cat Utility ATV Models

2015 Arctic Cat XC 450
Engineered for riders who want crossover versatility, the Arctic Cat XC 450 4x4 combines a go-anywhere demeanor with sport-inspired performance at a value price. Powered by the smooth, consistency of the potent 443cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, the Arctic Cat XC 450 delivers sporty mid-range power via Electronic Fuel Injection that optimizes performance in all temperatures and elevations.

2015 Arctic Cat DVX 300
The 2015 Arctic Cat DVX 300 is aimed at sporty performance and is powered by a Arctic Cat DVX 300 liquid-cooled 270cc 4-stroke SOHC engine that’s as spirited as it is durable. Power is fed to a fully-automatic CVT transmission with High, Low (300 4x2 only) and Reverse.

Arctic Cat

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