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Bulloch Dirt Works

Bulloch Racing Family Finishes Strong at WORCS Finale
Ray Bulloch & Skyler Bulloch Each Take Home WORCS SXS Wins

Cedar City, UT (10/28/2016) - Super ATV’s Ray Bulloch finished off the 2016 WORCS Off Road season with a win and a wild second place finish during the season finale at Buffalo Bills Resort and Casino in Primm, NV. Bulloch won his fifth Pro Stock SXS race of the season and finished second in Pro Unlimited. Skyler Bulloch also brought home the win the Youth 700 SxS Class, and Stockton finished fourth in the Youth 250 SxS Class.

Ray Bulloch WORCS Racing
Ray Bulloch earned his fifth win of the season in the WORCS Pro Stock Class at the WORCS season finale & finished 2nd in the Championship

In the Pro Stock race, Bulloch dominated from the start to finish. Along with his five victories came a second place in the final points.

“We had a great year with Maxxis, Walker Evans, Super ATV, HCR, Tire Blocks, and everyone else that helped us out,” said Bulloch. “We worked hard this year. I think next year is the year to back it up. I need to get a championship. That’s my goal and I’m not stopping until I get one. I like WORCS racing. It’s in my heart and I’m good at it. Our whole combination was working well and we will come out swinging into 2017.”

Ray Bulloch WORCS Racing
Ray Bulloch charging to the win in the WORCS SxS Pro Stock Class

After leading much of the Pro Unlimited race, Bulloch tangled with a lapped car on the final lap and, with his brakes fading, he took second right on the rear bumper of the winner. Running a naturally aspirated Polaris RZR in a class dominated by turbos, Bulloch had one victory this season, as well as a pair of runner-up finishes.

Ray Bulloch WORCS Racing
Ray Bulloch lead the majority of the WORCS Pro Unlimited race before he ran into issues in the final lap & finished in the 2nd spot

“That’s what you call a photo finish there,” said Bulloch. “The car felt totally invincible. Everything was flowing really well and we were just on rails out there. My RZR has a stock engine in it with just some good tuning by DW Performance and porting and polishing. These Maxxis Tires and Walker Evans shocks were working really well in the bumps. I have to give it up to these great companies. I definitely couldn’t do it without them. Walker Evans just redid these shocks before this race and they nailed it. They make the best shocks in the industry by far.”

Bulloch’s son Skyler won the SXS Youth 700 Production race, marking his first career victory. Interestingly, he won the race after recovering from a broken collarbone sustained in a dirt bike crash.

Stockton Bulloch WORCS Racing
Skyler Bulloch claimed his first win of the season in the WORCS Youth 700 SXS Class & finished 4th for the season

“I was battling the leader, trying to pace his line,” said Skyler Bulloch. “We were outpacing everyone else. Then he broke a tie rod and I took the lead. I finally got a win and I’m so happy. I wrecked my dirt bike just two months ago. I broke my collarbone and had a big hole in my side. It feels good to be back and to win. I am so grateful for my mom and dad. They do so much to get me out here.”

Stockton Bulloch finished fourth in SXS Youth 250 Production. He finished third in the championship.

Stockton Bulloch WORCS Racing
Stockton Bulloch finished 4th place in the SxS Youth 250 Production Class & third in the points championship

“I wanted second, but it’s ok,” said Stockton Bulloch. “This class is super fun. The guys are super cool. I’ll probably stay in the same class next year. It was cool to see my brother win today.”

The Bulloch family will return to the WORCS Series as it holds its season opener January 20-22 in Primm, NV.

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Bulloch Dirt Works

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