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Holz Racing

Holz UTV Drivers Continue Success at WORCS Finale
Holz Racing WORCS Round 10 UTV Race Report

Lynden, WA (11/2/2016) - Holz Polaris driver Beau Baron won the WORCS Off Road Series Pro Unlimited SXS Race and Ryan Holz finished third during the season finale WORCS race in Primm, NV. Mickey Thomas finished second in the Pro race and missed the championship by just one point.

In the Unlimited race, Beau Baron took the lead two laps from the finish and then literally dragged the second-place car across the finish line. Baron also finished fourth in the Pro race.

Beau Baron WORCS Racing
HOLZ Racing's Beau Baron grabbed the Pro Unlimited holeshot & win

“It was crazy race,” said Baron. “My CST Tires, Holz car and Sparks engine were great at the start. Toward the end of the race, the leader hit a lapper and I caught up to him. We got into the Trophy Truck track and I passed him. Then we got into turn and a jump. He launched off of it and into the rear of my car. It wasn’t far from the finish line. He kept the gas on, so I pretty much dragged him across the finish line. It was a pretty crazy finish. Getting a win to end the year is nice.”

Baron was happy just to get a finish in the Pro race. Baron has had bad luck all season, so to finish fourth sets a good pace going into the 2017 season.

Beau Baron WORCS Racing
HOLZ Racing's Beau Baron finished 4th in the Pro Class Championship

“I backed off and came out with my car in one piece,” said Baron. “It was nice to brush some things off, and have a good weekend. It’s been an up and down season as far as the SXS goes. It was good to just get through a weekend.”

Mickey Thomas came into the weekend as one of six drivers with a shot at the Pro Championship. He did all he could to win the race, but finished second. He was second in points, just one point behind the champion.

Mickey Thomas WORCS Racing
Mickey Thomas finished 2nd place at the WORCS Season Finale

“Second place in WORCS isn’t bad in our second season,” said Thomas. “We were definitely on a mission. I think we both knew what we had to do. Once he pulled the holeshot and got ahead early I knew I had to catch him. We missed the championship by one point and it’s a bummer, but my hat is off to Haagsma. He had to win that race and he did. I was trying my best to pick up some time here and there, but I just couldn’t get it done.”

In the Pro race, Cody Bradbury had a hard crash while challenging for the lead. He said his Holz cage likely saved him from serious injury.

Cody Bradbury WORCS Racing
Cody Bradbury credits his HOLZ Racing cage for holding up to a bad crash in the Pro Unlimited race

“I have to give it up to Holz,” said Bradbury. “He builds pretty tough stuff. That was a gnarly hit and the cage is still straight. To walk away with no broken bones is amazing.”

Ryan Holz ran his second consecutive WORCS race in the Pro Unlimited Class. Driving a naturally aspirated Polaris RZR, he finished third.

Ryan Holz WORCS Racing
Ryan Holz scored a podium finish in the Pro Unlimited Class

“We had a really good race,” said Holz. “We went out with our naturally aspirated car with all the turbos and we put it down. We set a really good pace and just checked out. We’ve run the same Holz parts all year long and haven’t bent or broken anything. The Walker Evans shocks were just killing it out here. It was super rough and they kept it smooth.”

In the SXS Pro Stock race, Codey Rowley clinched the championship at the last race with his second victory of the season. Rowley drove a Holz Polaris with great consistency this season, earning an additional five podiums.

Holz racer Danielle Weatherly just missed her second straight Women’s SXS Championship. She finished fourth in the race and fell to second in points

Danielle Weatherly WORCS Racing
Danielle Weatherly finished 2nd in the Women's Championship

Holz Racing will begin preparations for the start of the 2017 WORCS season. WORCS SXS racing kicks off January 20-22 at the SXS World Finals.

About Holz Racing
Incorporated in 1995, Holz Racing Products has since been designing, innovating and manufacturing the highest quality and best performing suspension and chassis components in the industry. Our commitment to quality and our no-compromise design philosophy is what keeps Holz at the leading edge our industry; Performance and function first.

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