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Holz Racing

Holz Racing’s Sven Ellstrom Takes BITD Unlimited Win
Holz Racing BITD Pahrump Nugget 250 Race Report

Lynden, WA (12/11/2016) - Holz Racing’s Sven Ellstrom won the Pro Unlimited SXS race in his Best in the Desert Series debut at the Pahrump Nugget 250 in the newly released 2017 Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo, and the only other racer running the new chassis at the season finale was Craig Scanlon.

Sven Ellstrom BITD UTV Racing
HOLZ Racing's Sven Ellstrom Takes BITD Unlimited Win at Pahrump

While Scanlon wasn’t able to improve upon his second place finish at the BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge, Ellstrom, from Seattle, carried the day in the new Holz Racing Chassis in the UTV Unlimited Class by taking the win. He is eyeing a full season in Pro Turbo next season, as soon as his car becomes legal to race in the class.

“Last year, we did our first race at the King of the Hammers and that’s where we met Mark Holz,” explained Ellstrom. “He told us he was interested in building a new desert rig. My dad and I hopped right on it and here we just killed it out there. At the beginning, it was pretty rough. As soon as it opened up after mile marker 50 it was smooth sailing. I had to pass a couple of people and that was challenging, but it just flowed over things. The car has a mad amount of power and it handles great.

“I can’t say enough about Mark Holz,” added Ellstrom. “The car was rock solid.”

Sven Ellstrom BITD UTV Racing
HOLZ Racing's Sven Ellstrom

Mark Holz had been thinking of building on Polaris’ new 2017 chassis for awhile. Once Scanlon approached him, he began working on one and then Ellstrom took delivery on a second ride.

“It was time to really think it out and build a really nice turbo,” said Holz. “So we built one for Scanlon, and then we built another one for Ellstrom. He has no desert experience, so it was nice to see him go out and have a good day. We worked hard preparing the car; we went out the week before and did some testing in Vegas. They were able to get 100 miles in and get some seat time.”

The cars continue Holz’s race-proven attention to detail. Holz makes sure to simplify the design as much as possible to make it easy to maintain and repair the cars during the grueling desert runs.

“We’re trying to keep them as simple as we can,” said Holz. “We make them easy to work on and maintain. Desert racing requires a lot of work, so anything to simplify it makes it easier for the racers.”

Craig Scanlon BITD UTV Racing
HOLZ Racing's Craig Scanlon

Holz is looking forward to seeing these cars compete next year in the Pro Turbo Class. He’s happy with the results from Pahrump and sees a bright future.

“These were both 2017 chassis cars, so that’s why they raced in Unlimited and not the production class,” explained Holz. “The car is really the same, but the engine is different and the boost is turned up. As soon as these are available to the public, they will be legal for production.”

Look for a horde of Holz machines to dominate the competition as BITD kicks off its 2017 season January 6-7, 2017 in Parker, AZ.

About Holz Racing
Incorporated in 1995, Holz Racing Products has since been designing, innovating and manufacturing the highest quality and best performing suspension and chassis components in the industry. Our commitment to quality and our no-compromise design philosophy is what keeps Holz at the leading edge our industry; Performance and function first.

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